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Tyshawn Sorey: Koan +
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Koan +
year: 2016   |   cat#: 482-1091


1. Awakening
2. Only One Sky
3. First Meeting 2
4. Correct Truth
5. Two Guitars
6. Nocturnal
7. First Meeting 5
8. First Meeting 3
9. Embed

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The long-awaited vinyl version of the highly-praised 2009 cd, remastered for vinyl and released here as a double LP with additional material, taken from this group's first session together.

Top Ten Jazz albums 2009 - NPR Music

Top Ten Jazz Albums 2009 - Time Out Chicago

Top Ten Jazz Albums 2009 - Destination Out

2009 Jazz Critic's Poll - Village Voice

"Young avant-garde jazz drummer Tyshawn Sorey's stunning new disc contains little drumming and even less jazz, but plenty of avant-garde. Koan is a minimalist project primarily for guitar and bass that moves slowly and plainly, like a sonic desert landscape; it makes its points with stark texture and in-the-moment harmonies that linger far beyond the moment of creation. Like the Zen mystical element for which the record is named, Koan is a meditative musing that taps into both the brain and the spirit, perplexes both, and mesmerizes them anyway." - Michael J. West, Washington City Paper

Musicians: Thomas Morgan (classical guitar and bass), Todd Neufeld (electric and classical guitars), Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

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